The Old Bushmill’s Distillery

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The Old Bushmill’s Distillery, Irish Whiskey at the Causeway Coast

In 2008, Bushmills celebrated 400 years of local distilling history…a unique, unbroken whiskey-making tradition still very much alive today at the Old Bushmills Distillery. Just two miles from the spectacular Giant’s Causeway, the distillery lies in an area of outstanding natural beauty which is rich in history and folklore.

At Bushmills, the visitor can observe the craft and skills of making Irish whiskey. The guided tour includes the ingredients and processes, spring water from Saint Columb’s Rill and the finest malted barley, to the art of triple distillation in copper stills and ageing in oak casks. Of course, no visit would be complete without enjoying a complimentary glass of Bushmills whiskey.

Today, Bushmills is a well known name for smooth, distinctive Irish whiskey. The whiskey maturing process takes time, between five and thirty years depending on the blend. Often there are around 171,000 barrels on site maturing. Recent accolades include a review by the New York Times in 2006 describing Bushmills 10 year Malt as “the best Irish whiskey”.
Tours of the distillery and tastings run daily and last around 45 – 60 minutes.

Children under 8 are welcome to visit the Distillery but are not permitted to join guided tours.

For enquiries please telephone +44 (0) 28 207 33218 or email

The Lodge Hotel, Coleraine is very near to the Bushmill’s Distillery – only 15 minutes drive away. It is therefore an excellent central location to base yourself for your visit to the Distillery, The Giant’s Causeway and the North Coast.