The Treatment Room Facials, Coleraine

Facial Treatments at Coleraine's Lodge Hotel

Ark Skincare

Ark Age Aware Skin Care is a revolutionary way of treating your skin through every life stage.

Ark Mini Facial (30 min)                                    £20

Ark Prescribe Facial (1hr)                                 £40

Ark Deep Exfoliate Facial (1hr 15 mins)            £45

Ark Delux Facial (1hr 30 mins)                          £55



Arbonne Skincare products, based on botanical principles.

Arbonne Mini Express Facial (30 mins)              £25

Arbonne Deep Cleansing Facial (allow 1hr)       £45

Arbonne Hydrating Facial (allow 1hr)                 £45

Arbonne Anti-Ageing Facial (allow 1hr 15mins)  £58