The Treatment Room, Coleraine

Alternative / Holistic Therapies at the Lodge Hotel

“Stimulate your body’s natural way to heal itself”

Holistic Massage
(Allow 2hrs £75)
Face, Scalp, neck and shoulder massage. (Allow 30 mins £28)

This is a full body experience, it utilises a wide range of different massage techniques tailored for your individual needs. Techniques include Swedish, Deep tissue, Lymphatic drainage, Hotstones, Visualisation & breathing techniques. Holistic massage therapy sessions are never the same, as they are tailored to your needs which change from week to week. Holistic Full body massage.

(Allow 1hour 20 mins £35)
For a course of 6 treatments (£180)

It is a non-invasive therapy performed on the feet to provide benefits that are both physical and emotional. It is based on the principle that there are reflex zones in the feet which are linked by energy pathways to corresponding parts of the body and, when pressure is applied to specific points on the feet, it stimulates the movement of energy along these pathways and can initiate a beneficial response in another area of the body, thereby stimulating the body to heal itself.